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Stand Out from the Rest

Ever almost drink out of the wrong bottle at your beach work out class? Or some similar situation. Well with a unique water bottle like this, it eliminates that problem from ever happening. HYDY has lots of different mix and match styles making them a great brand for you to find a unique bottle for yourself. Getting a unique water bottle like this also keeps the boyfriend, girlfriend, the roommates, or your family members from stealing yours. My little brother and I have the same giant silver 40-ounce water bottle and every time I’m home we get so confused as to which one belongs to each of us. Not anymore!

It’s Quiet

What’s awesome about the HYDY is that it has a sleeve around the bottom half, so when you drop it, there isn’t a loud ringing noise. Which is great! Because now when you drop your water bottle you don’t risk giving grandma a heart attack!

~ Nikki

Perfect for Any Occasion

You don’t have to be embarrassed about carrying around your giant clunky water bottle at any occasion with this bottle. I go to lots of events, and avoiding plastic is a must, and I also like drinking my own water so that I know it’s high quality. These chic bottles also go great with any outfit, just a little plus!

I love the water bottle so much that I bought a second one for my husband. Now we have matching bottles to go green together. It keeps water cold all day long unlike my previous bottle, this one is very easy to clean through the wide mouth as well as the bottle cap since the thread is on the outside. I got the black bottle with macarooney blue silicone and my husband's is black with black silicone. Both look stunningly beautiful. The design, the look and the performance of this bottle is just brilliant!! Highly recommended.

First impression is great. Sleek and modern design makes it stand out from all other bottles that I have. The bottle feels solid and it has a good grip on the sleeve and the top. My drinks stayed cold all day and there were still ice cubes when I cleaned the bottle the next morning. Now I'm motivated to drink more water. I will order several more for gifts.

This is a really great water bottle. I love the extra rubber sleeve on the outside that gives it a firm grip. The extra piece on the inside that filters out any fruit that you might put in the water to infuse it is really cool and easy to clean. I will definitely get another one of these water bottles.

~ Boris

This bottle is great and has kept my beverages cold or hot. The material used is very high quality and it’s beautifully designed. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for an insulated water bottle.

~ Jessica

I love this water bottle. It’s so gorgeous and functional. It keeps my water cold for good amount of time and the little strainer on the tip keep the pits from my lemon detox water out of the way! I really recommend this water bottle if you’re looking for a stylish and functional bottle for your summer vacay!

~ Lizbeth

I’ve had quite a few water bottles over the years, but none have been this pretty! And it actually keeps my drinks cold in this terribly hot heat. I can’t wait to try it with hot drinks this winter too!

~ Stacy

I have purchased three of these water bottles because I tend to leave them places and can't stand to live without it. Best water bottle ever. Keeps ice for over a day even in the heat. The cover keeps liquids from splashing you or ice hitting you while drinking. It's easy to clean and looks great. If I lose this one I'll buy another one.

~ Hope